Jovanni Lopez

Jovanni Lopez

personal trainer

My name is Jovanni Lopez and I am a NASM-certified personal trainer and Progressive Calisthenics Instructor. I am also a husband and a caring father to a fur-baby. I have been helping people become the strongest versions of themselves at San Diego Strength and Wellness since 2015.

Like many, fitness was not always a part of my life. As a child, I was overweight and I refused to be active. It was not until I was around 14 years old that I decided I would take better care of myself. My entire family had dealt with obesity, and I vowed that I would end the trend. I proceeded by doing what I could as a teenager to achieve my goal. I relied heavily on following workouts that I found on the internet and running around my neighborhood with my dog.

After graduating high school in 2010, I attended Grossmont College to pursue a Business degree. After failing an intro accounting class, I quickly realized that a Business degree was not in my future. I spent the next two years taking general classes as I searched for what interested me. It was not until I took a health class that I realized I not only had a knack for retaining fitness-related knowledge but also a genuine interest in the field.

Several years later, I came to San Diego Strength and Wellness as an intern under Benjamin Landry. I would show up at 6am sharp and I would not leave until the last client was trained. I absorbed every bit of knowledge he, and the other trainers, shared with me. After several months of an intense internship, I was offered an opportunity to be a trainer at the best training facility in San Diego. To this day, I continue to expand my knowledge and provide the best service I can to all of my clients!


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