Joaquin Sullivan

Personal Trainer

Joaquin Sullivan was born and raised in San Diego. As a youth he developed a love for sports and spent his early life participating in youth athletic events before enlisting into the military in February 2005. While serving in the US Navy, Joaquin began weight training to meet the rigourous demands of construction work while under the blazing sun of Iraq, shoulder to shoulder with the Seabees of the Navy. He volunteered as Command Fitness Leader for his unit and soon after began helping his fellow Seabees successfully retain their naval careers after they failed their biannual physical fitness assessment and were subsequently enrolled in the Fitness Enhancement Program led by Joaquin.

After seven years of honorable service, Joaquin realized he had the talent and passion to have a true impact on people’s lives through fitness and health. In January of 2012 he invested his Post 9/11 G.I. Bill into the field of Exercise Science and began working as a Fitness Coordinator at a private community gym where he began training others before being promoted to Fitness Director in August 2012. He quickly established a reputation of helping others reach their fitness goals.

In the Summer of 2014 Joaquin was a given a unique opportunity for an internship at San Diego Strength and Wellness where he displayed his skills and was offered a position on the team. He has had the privilege of playing an integral roll in hundreds of other people’s lives that he has helped transform since joining the team at SDSW. He wants to help you too!