Denise Roldan

Personal Trainer

Denise began her 18 year fitness career as a Spin Instructor and Personal Trainer in Tijuana, Baja California. She became very involved in endurance sports during her 20’s and excelled at biking centuries, running marathons, and organizing a tightly knit running club. Denise broke into the Eastlake fitness scene in 2005 as a Spin, Zumba, and body Pump Instructor and built a massive following of students and friends. As her fitness journey continued she realized that weight training and other forms of cross training needed to be present in her own program to help her recover from nagging injuries, improve her pace, and develop a leaner body composition. During these years Denise was pursuing an MBA at University of Phoenix, singlehandedly raising her two children, and working in corporate America to pay the bills but she wasn’t full time focused on her passion.

In 2014 Denise decided to take a big risk and leave corporate America to pursue her fitness passion full time. She began taking clients at San Diego Strength and Wellness (SDSW) and continued to instruct some spin classes. She immediately realized her clients needed a nutritional solution and developed a menu for Fresh Meal Prep; a San Diego meal prep company. Her efforts ensure all SDSW clients and people of San Diego have access to healthy, convenient, affordable food.

As her personal training client base grew Denise decided to attend the Level One and Two Russian Kettlebell Certifications and passed both with flying colors. Kettlebells are a big part of the SDSW program and are considered the most versatile and effective training tool on the market. Beginning to master the kettlebell greatly benefits the people she serves and the program at SDSW. These certifications have a 40% fail rate and her continued education is a testament to quality training, educational standards, ethics, and cutting edge results! That’s what we do at SDSW!

Denise specializes in working with people that want to take their physical fitness to the next level. Whether that next level be achieving optimal health and fitness or preparing for an athletic event, Denise will get you the results you want!