Bryce Calloway

Bryce Calloway

personal trainer

My fitness journey started when I was 12 going into my 5th year of football with the Chula Vista Aztecs. I decided to take my career to the next level by going the extra mile not only in workouts but dietary preparation. I went from 140 down to 115 and became one of the top Running backs.

I continued this life style through high school which lead to me participating in 4 years of football (2 year Captain and earned 3 year Varsity letter), 4 years Basketball High School (1 year Captain and earned 3 year Varsity letter), 3 years Varsity baseball ( 1 year captain and 4 year varsity letter). I also participated in multiple club sports (soccer, track, etc…)

Not only was I physically fit but also mentally strong I was part academic team for 2 years. I then graduated High school ’10 with honors multiple MVP, CIF first team, and academic athlete.
My freshman year of college at Grossmont Community College ’10-’11 is when I started my power lifting (squat, bench, dead lift, power clean, etc..) in order to surpass and dominate in my position. In the fall of ’11 I transferred to California Lutheran University where I continued my football career for 3 years winning 2 SCIAC championships. After my senior season of football I interned with Dr. Holmberg which in 1 year I trained male/ female athletes (soccer, track, basketball,football). During this time I coached 2 seasons of intermural Basketball taking 2 teams to the championship. Finished my schooling on academic scholarship that summer of 2014.

These things in college lead to me to coaching and training from youth athletes to the everyday business person. Currently I have been training high school and college bound athletes (novice & elite) for 3 years. I’ve coached 3 years of varsity high school football (’14 Helix & ’15 ’16 Eastlake) and 1 year varsity & Jv basketball (’16 Mission Bay)

My training programs is a mixture of athletic and strength movements. This style promotes smoother movement patterns, balance, agility, and a greater strength yield making everyday business easier.


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