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How to Get Past that Plateau !

Michelle Duke started her weight loss journey on her own. Through a diet change and cardio she was able to drop 20 pounds but found herself stuck at 20. That’s when she came to me for guidance on how to get past that plateau.

Michelle was new to resistance training as she had only done cardio on her own. She was ready and willing to learn whatever it took to keep the scale moving. She learned fun things like how to flip tires, do bear crawls and swing kettlebells but also learned how to safely do big lifts like deadlifts and squats.

Michelle always brought a positive, can do attitude to her workouts especially on days where we got to do her favorite shoulder workout!

Her great attitude and positive mindset outside of the gym is what took her past that 20 pounds and to lose 40 more. She was a example client and I couldn’t ask anything more from her.

70 Pounds Lost
20 on her own, 40 with us !
Fav Lift: Deadlift
Fav Workout: Shoulder shocker/ ropes


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