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Get Better Hoops !

Dear Clients of SDSW,

We would like you all to meet Joel Jones Camacho or “Jo Jo”. He is a good friend and client at SDSW and recently retired from professional basketball after 15 years playing overseas (most recently for Capitanes Del Arecibo in Puerto Rico). Jo Jo went to Montgomery Highschool and worked his way from Grossmont CC to Sacramento State. 2002 began a long and illustrious basketball career not short of many challenges along the way. It is no secret that Puerto Rico recently endured a horrific natural disaster. We all go through disasters in life and since working with Jo Jo on the SDSW training floor since 2012 we have seen him persevere through many challenges.

We the staff at SDSW train a lot of children that play basketball. We help them get stronger, jump higher, and display precise, powerful agility inside a small space. We help them improve conditioning. We help them avoid injury. What we can’t do is improve their jump shot, lay up, dribbling skills, strategic game knowledge, and special skills that only a Professional Basketball Coach like Joel Jones Camacho can do. He has the SDSW certified stamp of approval as a fellow Subject Matter Expert and Coach.

If your Child or Teen play basketball and they need to get their skills to the next level today then please contact Jo Jo and tell him we sent you! He will work with your Child or Teen in an introductory free assessment on the court to see where their game is at and start raising that level of skill quickly!

-Team SDSW


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