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Always Improving to Get You Moving

Very recently three of our Coaches (Left to Right Tommy, JD, Cristina) completed RKC-Level One; an in depth, three day, 24 hour seminar addressing the handling, training, and instruction of traditional kettlebells. The seminar has a 35% fail rate and all three SDSW Coaches exceeded standards and stood out.

At SDSW we still believe in going above and beyond to bring value to our clients through continuing our education and development as Coaches. Helping people move, feel, look, and perform better in record time is what hard style kettlebell training is about and it’s safe for all ages and fitness levels. A good RKC Instructor knows how to meet the client where they are and progress¬† them safely and quickly while not forgetting to have some fun! While kettlebells are just a part of our toolbox at SDSW they cannot be replaced. Congratulations Tommy, JD, and Cristina for sharpening your skills way past average with a timeless training tool!