Month: August 24, 2017

Johnny Is Killing It @ SDSW

Johnny used to be on a bunch of medication for diabetes, blood pressure, pain, and heart burn. He used to be over 300lbs. He got the lap band surgery and hit a plateau at 270lbs and THAT was the moment he signed up at SDSW with Coach Ben Landry. That was the moment Johnny Tavernier screamed out to the world that "enough is enough and I am taking by my health back"! Less than 6 months in the program, he lost another 60lbs of body fat and gained 10lbs of lean, solid muscle! He's more athletic, agile, flexible, powerful and strong. He has more stamina and one thing is for sure: he is no longer back at who he "used to be"!

Strong Mom, Wife & Executive !

Vickie started training at SDSW with the simple goal of moving better, improving her posture and getting stronger. Her energy levels were low and quality of life takes a hit when our vitality isn't feeling complete. She wanted to look and feel great in her own skin and tried a lot of different exercises on her own, but the results weren't happening. She knew she needed someone tough and knowledgeable, yet patient enough to guide her. She started working with Coach Ben Landry and applied the consistent effort necessary in the gym and the kitchen to achieve some extraordinary results:   ✅ Improved Flexibility, Posture & Energy Levels ✅ Gained 10 lbs. of Solid Muscle ✅ Lost 10 lbs. of Body Fat ✅ Achieved Multiple Reps on the pull-up and push-up; Two of…