The Most Cutting Edge
Training Program in the South Bay

Our Trainers know what it takes
to achieve the goals you want
and guide you along the way.

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The Most Cutting Edge<br/><b>Training Program in the South Bay</b>

Take Your Fitness & Wellness
To the Next Level

Our Team Focuses on Strengthening
your core so you become stronger and
more capable while improving physique.

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Take Your Fitness & Wellness<br /><b>To the Next Level</b>
Since 2010

We Have Been
Changing Lives!

If you’re looking for the Best Personal Trainers in San Diego, you’ve found them! We’ve worked hard since 2010 to build a team of well established, passionate and properly certified trainers who’s main goals are to help you achieve Optimal Health and Wellness.

The Team You Can Trust

Certified Trainers

With the right training coach, anything is possible. All you need to do is take the first step! What are you waiting for?

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Lose Weight &
Build Muscle

Burn that extra weight and build muscle in all the right places!

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Tailored To You

Our trainers build your workouts around your goals.

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Gain Strength &

We focus on improving your physical and mental wellness.

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Our Latest News...

Featured image for “Strong Mom, Wife & Executive!”

Strong Mom, Wife & Executive!

Vickie started training at SDSW with the simple goal of moving better, improving her posture and getting stronger. Her energy levels were low and quality of life takes a hit when our vitality isn’t feeling complete. She wanted to look and feel great in her own skin and tried a lot of different exercises on her own, but the results weren’t
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Featured image for “Johnny Is Killing It at SDSW”

Johnny Is Killing It at SDSW

Johnny used to be on a bunch of medication for diabetes, blood pressure, pain, and heart burn. He used to be over 300lbs. He got the lap band surgery and hit a plateau at 270lbs and THAT was the moment he signed up at SDSW with Coach Ben Landry. That was the moment Johnny Tavernier screamed out to the world
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Featured image for “Power Couple Transformation”

Power Couple Transformation

Newlyweds, Hector and Molly began working with SDSW trainer Joaquin Sullivan for their wedding. They got started early and didn’t wait until the last month or 2 to make a change for the better, because quick fixes, diet pills, and extreme exercise plans don’t usually deliver, especially in the long term.   They have collectively lost over 80 lbs, nearly
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