Johnny Tavernier

Johnny Is Killing It @ SDSW

Johnny used to be on a bunch of medication for diabetes, blood pressure, pain, and heart burn. He used to be over 300lbs. He got the lap band surgery and hit a plateau at 270lbs and THAT was the moment he signed up at SDSW with Coach Ben Landry. That was the moment Johnny Tavernier […]

Vickie Klarich

Strong Mom, Wife & Executive !

Vickie started training at SDSW with the simple goal of moving better, improving her posture and getting stronger. Her energy levels were low and quality of life takes a hit when our vitality isn’t feeling complete. She wanted to look and feel great in her own skin and tried a lot of different exercises on her […]


Stay Lean !

How do I stay lean? I maintain the Fresh Meal Prep Meal Prep lifestyle which is simply people prepared to perform and prevail because of hard work and strategic planning. A healthy body is a resilient body ready to tackle life’s stresses and it starts with your diet. Pair your proteins with a double vegetable dish for maximum […]