A Sacrifice That’s Worth Your Time !

Personal fitness is tough. It’s a struggle. It’s a sacrifice. It’s easier to eat what you want than to eat healthy. It’s easier to relax on the couch or hit the snooze button than get up and workout. Why do we do it ? Why do we choose the more difficult path vs the easy […]


Get Better Hoops !

Dear Clients of SDSW, We would like you all to meet Joel Jones Camacho or “Jo Jo”. He is a good friend and client at SDSW and recently retired from professional basketball after 15 years playing overseas (most recently for Capitanes Del Arecibo in Puerto Rico). Jo Jo went to Montgomery Highschool and worked his […]

Jamie Black

Become A New Person

Jamie’s Story In Her Own Words ….. “I’ve struggled with my weight for what seems like forever and little over a year ago I decided to take a leap of faith and trust someone to guide me in the right direction to better myself! And here I am now a whole new person, different outlook […]

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 10.53.04 AM

How to Get Past that Plateau !

Michelle Duke started her weight loss journey on her own. Through a diet change and cardio she was able to drop 20 pounds but found herself stuck at 20. That’s when she came to me for guidance on how to get past that plateau. Michelle was new to resistance training as she had only done […]

Woman Improving Strength

Want A Lean Physique ?

“Cardio! Cardio! Cardio!” used to be the Holy Grail to achieving the desired “toned” look. Aerobics classes, running, spinning—workout routines for women have historically included gobs of cardio. But in the last few years, there’s been a huge shift in fitness as women flock to the weight room. Strength training has proven to be incredibly beneficial […]


Always Improving to Get You Moving

Very recently three of our Coaches (Left to Right Tommy, JD, Cristina) completed RKC-Level One; an in depth, three day, 24 hour seminar addressing the handling, training, and instruction of traditional kettlebells. The seminar has a 35% fail rate and all three SDSW Coaches exceeded standards and stood out. At SDSW we still believe in […]

Hector and Molly

Power Couple Transformation

Newlyweds, Hector and Molly began working with SDSW trainer Joaquin Sullivan for their wedding. They got started early and didn’t wait until the last month or 2 to make a change for the better, because quick fixes, diet pills, and extreme exercise plans don’t usually deliver, especially in the long term.   They have collectively […]

Johnny Tavernier

Johnny Is Killing It @ SDSW

Johnny used to be on a bunch of medication for diabetes, blood pressure, pain, and heart burn. He used to be over 300lbs. He got the lap band surgery and hit a plateau at 270lbs and THAT was the moment he signed up at SDSW with Coach Ben Landry. That was the moment Johnny Tavernier […]

Vickie Klarich

Strong Mom, Wife & Executive !

Vickie started training at SDSW with the simple goal of moving better, improving her posture and getting stronger. Her energy levels were low and quality of life takes a hit when our vitality isn’t feeling complete. She wanted to look and feel great in her own skin and tried a lot of different exercises on her […]


Stay Lean !

How do I stay lean? I maintain the Fresh Meal Prep Meal Prep lifestyle which is simply people prepared to perform and prevail because of hard work and strategic planning. A healthy body is a resilient body ready to tackle life’s stresses and it starts with your diet. Pair your proteins with a double vegetable dish for maximum […]